Remote Control Multi-function Near Vision Tester NVT100 With Ruler


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The refractive tests include:

    • Measurement of visual acuity using Snallen letter and illiterate E-chart,and Times Roman reading types.
    • Accurate determination of presbyopic additions and other near corrections.
    • Near vision astigmatism tests.
    • Amplitude of accommodation including monocular measurements under binocular conditions.
      • The Binocular balance tests include:
    • Fixation disparity test for uncompensated heterophoria motor eye dominance.Accommodation-convergence relationship.
    • Quantitative evaluation of foveal suppression in heterophoria patients.
    • Near point of convergence.
    • Targets for subjective cover tests for heterophoria and harmonious ARC.

A centimeter ruler for measuring working and testing distance is included. The chart can be illuminated individually by means of an infra red remote controller


  • Test Distance: 36cm
  • Distant Contral: 60cm
  • Size: 220(H)×210(W)×42(D)mm
  • Weight: 780g
  • Power Supply: LR6 AA/1.5V×3
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