Phoropter VT6E

General Details


1. Optional LED lighting on reading dial.
2. Two color available: white and Black.
3. America-stylish appearance, high quality and cost-effective.


Sphere Power: 0.00D~ -19.00D(-0.25D); +0.25D~ +16.75D(+0.25D)
Cylinder Power: 0.00D~ -8.00D(-0.25D)
Cylinder AXIS: 0~180(5° increment)
P.D: 50mm~ 78mm
Occluder: Occluder
Pinhole plate: Pinhole plate(1mm)
P.D Check: Yes
Red/green filter: red:right, green:left
Polarizing: right eye 135°, left eye 45°
Lenses for retinscope: +1.50D
Cross cylinder lens: ±0.25D
Balance check: right eye:6△ B/U, left eye:10△ B/I
Moddx rod: right eye horizontal / vertical, left eye white horizontal / vertical
Cross cylinder lens: ±0.25D
Prism: Rotary prism0△ ~ 20△
Dimension: 527(mm)X412(mm)X180(mm)
Color Available: White & Black
Weight: 6.6kg
Accessories: Near Point Rod, Near Point Card, Retaining Screw, Accessory Box, Face Shield, Hexagon Screw Driver, Accessory Lens, Instruction Manual

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