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This device is applicable to ophthalmology department of hospitals and spectacle stores for precision measurement of visual functions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eyesight balance, heterophoria, stereoscopic vision and eyesight amalgamation.


  1. Unique design of butterfly-shape appearance.
  2. Capable of checking up all-sided visualfunctions, accurate and comfortable in measurement.
  3. Exquisite manufacturing technique, with comfortable feel.
  4. High grade plated-film used in all optic leses.


  • Sphere Power: Range: -19.00D~+16.75D, Step:0.25D                     When applied with auxiliary lens +0.12D, Step:0.12D
  • Cylinder Power: 0~-6D    When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens -2.00D: 0~-8.00D, Step: 0.25D      When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens +0.12D: Step:0.12D
  • Cylinder axis: Range:0~180°, Step:5°
  • Pupil Distance: 45~75mm, 1mm steps
  • Cross Cylinder: ±0.25D
  • Rotary prism: Range:0~20△, Step:1△
  • PD Adjustment: 50~75mm, Step:1mm
  • Convergence Adjustment: ∞, 380mm(When PD 64mm)
  • Forehead Reat Adjustment: 16mm
  • Vertex Distance: 13.75mm, From corneal point to standard lens surface
  • Dimension: 335d × 320w × 98h mm

Weight: Approx 6.5kg

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