Auto Phoropter AV1

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Computerized vision tester (hereinafter referred to as vision tester) is used to subjective examination of visual acuity and refractive error of subject’s eyes.


A. Measuring Range:
1. SPH: 0.00D ~ -19.00D(-0.25D),+0.25D ~ +16.50D(+0.25D)
2. CYL: 0.00D ~ -8.75D(-0.25D
3. AXIS: 0°~ 180°(1°5°)
4. P.D: 48mm ~ 80mm
B. Auxiliary Lenses:
1. Occluder
2. P.D check
3. Pinhole Plate(1mm)
4. Polarizing: right eye 135°,left eye 45°
5. Red/Green Filters(right eye: red, left eye: green)
6. Maddox Rod: Right eye red horizontal/vertical, Left eye white vertical/horizontal
7. Dissolution prism: Right eye 6 B/U, Left eye 10 B/I
8. Fixed Cross Cylinder±0.50D
9. Retinoscope+1.50D
C. Auto Cross Cylinder Lens: ±0.25D
D. Rotary Prism: 0~20(0.5)
E. Control System: Touch Panel Control
F. Monitor: LCD(10″2)
G. Dimension And Weight:
1. Power Source: DC12V
2. NET: Keyboard: 250(W)×230(D) ×210(H)mm, Main body: 110(W)×480(D) ×290(H)mm
3. Carton: Main body: 250(W)×530(D) ×450(H)mm, Keyboard: 310(W)×310(D) ×280(H)mm
4. Main body N.W: 8.2KG, G.W:11.7KG
5. Keyboard N.W: 2KG, G.W: 3.0KG

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